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An information table will be set up at the South Park beside the beer garden on the East end of the Pink Building.


Class Meeting Spots:

Classes are encouraged to set up their own areas in the park with small tents or just around a park bench.  Spots will not be reserved ahead of time and are on a first come first served basis. The Edwards County Fair Building will also be open to accommodate those who want to visit in air-conditioned comfort.


Class Events: 

Individual classes or groups of classes are encouraged to plan their own events.  Saturday afternoon and Sunday were left open so that there is plenty of time for individual classes to get together.  If you have a special event you would like us to post on the website, please contact the reunion committee at or 620-659-2711.


What to Bring:

Individuals are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs for seating in the park. There will be chairs and tables provided in and around the Pink Building, however, if your class will be setting up an area in the park, you will need to bring your own chairs. 

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